Why You Should Consider Using Pay Per Click Advertising

Why Use Pay Per Click Advertising?

With so much attention given to SEO, many marketers and website owners are left to wonder, why use pay per click advertising. Some will argue that it’s archaic, or that you don’t need it since it costs money. There are two schools of thought on the matter. There are those that will tell you to avoid it, and then there are those that will tell you to use it, with several main reasons behind it. The following breaks down why you shouldn’t dismiss this powerful element in today’s digital marketing arena. It’s when you step over this option, that you end up missing out on something very powerful.

The Long Reach of SEO (Time)

First and foremost, you must understand that SEO is not an immediate fix. Even the best at working with this marketing element will not be able to deliver engagement right away. Analysts from several different companies, including Google, Microsoft, and others will tell you that this is going to take at least 6 to 18 months to fully mature. Think of search engine optimization like planting a seed today, watering it over time, and watching it grow in time. There is no “quick fix” with SEO, as you will not have lightning strikes get you to the top of search engines. That’s where PPC starts to come into play.

The Immediate Switch of Pay Per Click Advertising

If SEO takes so long, why do people use it? Because it’s the global standard of search engine ranking and traffic generation, over time. But what about now? That’s the marketing element that many are left trying to figure out. Well, that’s where PPC comes into play. When you set up an account with any company that provides this, you will be able to see immediate results. Pick your keywords, and set your budget, then watch a steady stream of traffic hit your website. With a sizable budget, you could see tens of thousands of hits come to your site daily, many of which are 100% targeted based on keyword, geographic region, and many other factors. This starts from the moment your ads are approved. Even if SEO hasn’t taken root for your site, this will work.

Mixing Things Up

The biggest error that marketers make is preferring one marketing choice over another. The goal of SEO in general and of course internet marketing today is diversity. Putting all your proverbial eggs in one basket will not deliver on the promise of engagement. You need to have a diverse reach. That requires working with as many components of optimization and advertising as you can. This covers you in case your SEO work takes longer than expected, or you are penalized for making a mistake in the optimization process.

Everyone should use pay per click advertising, in conjunction with the tenets of SEO. It’s an immediate answer to receiving targeted traffic, converting sales, and getting known online. While optimization matures, you can ensure that your website doesn’t go without any visitors, which is the real power of PPC today.

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