Does Pay Per Click Advertising Actually Work?!

Does Pay Per Click Advertising Work?

There are several forms of digital marketing that you can subscribe to. One of the major options is that of PPC, or pay per click advertising. This is a format that delivers in real time, with engagement, and could very well work. Now, there are skeptics that will argue that this doesn’t work, because there’s a heavy load of competition, and your budget has to match some of the heavy hitters that are spending thousands of dollars a day on this solution. The key is to understand how to manage accounts well enough to not lose money, without returns. Does pay per click advertising work? The short answer is, yes. However, the longer answer takes a bit of nuance to approach properly.

The Purpose of Your Campaigns

The first thing that you have to ask yourself in regards to this form of marketing is simple, what is the purpose? Why are you advertising in this format? If you can’t answer this, then you can easily spend a lot of money and see nothing come through. If your goal is to have hits, then this works like charm, and without spending more than $1 a day or so. That could very well send you thousands of hits.

This of course doesn’t do anything if you’re trying to sell products, advertise a business, or get people to sign up to a newsletter. If your goal is not just traffic, but rather engagement, then this is going to seem like it doesn’t work. You see, there’s a balancing act that comes through with pay per click advertising. That balance must shift from just traffic generation to engagement, and that takes a bit more than just setting up a campaign with the lowest priced keywords in your niche.

When PPC Fails

For the skeptics, this format can fail. The reason why it fails is because the set up you do is not taking into consideration the purpose of your ads. While you can narrow down your purpose to just, “sales”, it is important to utilize a more specific purpose. The most successful campaigns in this arena utilize demographic targeting, geotargeting, keyword usage, research, and micro-niche tactics. Simply put, the more targeted you are with developing a campaign, the better chances this type of promotion will work for you.

Do people fail to reach their goals with this type of marketing? Yes. But amidst the failures, there are also success stories from many different niches. For this to work, you must utilize marketing tactics that help you get the most out of the keywords you want to use to promote your website. Whether you want immediate sales or you want to promote an affiliate marketing site, you need to figure out what keywords are worth chasing, and what type of ads are going to serve your audience best.

It Can Work On Many Levels

It’s easy to buy $100 – $1,000 worth of ads within these networks, but if you want results, you must dig deeper into the process. The good news is that most of the companies that offer this type of marketing, also have tutorials, account management tools, and much more to help you get the most out of it. If you’re looking for a “quick” traffic burst, without any conversions, this can work, but if you want to dig deeper, you’ll need to work on it with a lot more attention.

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